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Seamless Rain Gutters

Seamless rain gutters play a crucial role in the protection of your properties foundation, fascia, and siding from becoming ruined or damaged beyond repair. We offer only the highest quality metal gutters such as aluminum, copper and steel. Gutter Builders Orange County is a company that delivers exactly what was discussed in the estimate. Call us today if you need a price for an upcoming project OR if you just have questions about a project or repair your thinking of.

We specialize in seamless rain gutter installation with the most popular being custom copper gutters, as well as the cleaning and repair of all rain gutter systems in Orange County. We also repair rotted and water damaged wood fascia. We have built our reputation on delivering a high-quality product at a fair and competitive price. Please see our reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List.

Our seamless rain gutters are available in copper, aluminum, onyx, kynar, galvanized, bonderized steel, and Galvaloom. In fact we can manufacture any metal gutters you choose with our seamless rain gutter machine! We offer all styles of rain gutters and can also provide custom-designed rain gutters.

Seamless Rain Gutters Styles

Our seamless rain gutters are available in any of the following styles and can be manufactured in 5inch, 6 inch or 7 inch diameters.

  • OGGE
  • K Style
  • Box gutters (with and without lip)
  • Half Round
  • Angle Face

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Seamless Rain Gutter Colors

Need something specifically tailored to a specific project? We also offer 30 different colors that are baked on the aluminum that resists chipping, peeling or fading.

The Advantages of Seamless Rain Gutters

There are a bunch of benefits to installing seamless gutters instead of the old sectional ones.


  • Less chance of leaks: Since they're made from one continuous piece, there are no seams or connections that can come apart over time and start dripping.

  • Better looking: The smooth, seamless design gives a cleaner look that works with any style of house.

  • Custom fit: Seamless gutters are tailored exactly to your home's dimensions for better performance.

  • Low maintenance: Without a lot of seams and joints, they don't need cleaning as often as sectional gutters.

  • More durable: The single-piece construction makes them stronger to hold up to bad weather and last longer.

Finding a Good Company for Estimates and Installation

When you decide to put in seamless gutters, finding an experienced company is key. Here's what to look for:

  • Ask around: Talk to friends and neighbors who've had them installed and ask who they used and if they were happy.
  • Research online: Check out customer reviews on websites and social media to learn about companies' reputations and work quality.
  • Confirm credentials: Make sure any company you consider is licensed and insured to install gutters in your area.
  • Made on-site: For best seamless rain gutters, customized solutions made on site are recommended. Is that offered?

Understanding Gutter Installation Costs

Exactly how much seamless gutter installation costs depends on:

  • Type of material (aluminum, copper, steel, vinyl)
  • Size and shape of your roof
  • Any extras like gutter guards or downspouts
  • Labor

While seamless gutters may cost more upfront than sectional ones, they usually save money long-term since they're durable and need less maintenance.

Seamless Rain Gutter Repair Services

Although seamless gutters are meant to last without needing repairs, problems can come up that require fixing:

  • Sagging or pulling away from the house
  • Dents or damage from bad weather
  • Rare leaks at joints
  • Clogs or blockages

When picking a repair company, consider the same things as for installation - reviews, insurance, warranties, etc. This protects your investment.

Maintaining and Cleaning Seamless Rain Gutters

Even though seamless gutters need less maintenance than sectional ones, regular cleaning is still essential for them to work properly. It prevents clogs that could cause water damage or other expensive issues. Most pros recommend cleaning them at least twice a year - spring and fall.

Finding a Gutter Cleaning Service

To keep your gutters working their best, consider hiring professionals to clean them. Here's what to look for in a service:

  • Experience cleaning and maintaining gutters
  • Good customer reviews and recommendations
  • Fair, clear pricing
  • Proper licensing and insurance

Regular gutter cleaning by a pro helps seamless gutters last longer and protects your home.

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Seamless gutters give homeowners lots of advantages like better looks, longer life, and less maintenance. Researching local companies and understanding costs for installation, repairs, and cleaning helps you make a smart choice to improve and safeguard your home.

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