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Rain Chains

Rain Chains, correctly installed can add an unique, exquisite look to your property. At Gutter Builders, we provide unique solutions for rainwater management with custom-made rain chains giving an aesthetic upgrade to your home. Of course their primary function is to move water but beyond their functional benefits, they transform a regular gutter system into an effective and attractive feature.

What Are Rain Chains and How Do They Work?

Rain chains, or "Kusari-doi", as they are known in Japan, are artistic alternatives to standard downspouts. But how does a rain chain work? A rain chain hangs from your gutter, guiding rainwater down it's links and into a drain or a water barrel. Copper rain chains are especially popular with clients who choose to install copper gutters however they are available for other metal gutters too.

The Dual Role of Rain Gutter Chains

What are rain chains used for, and why use a rain chain in your gutter system? Apart from their ornamental designs and the sound of water chiming as it runs down the chain, rain chains play a significant functional role in dealing with rain water:

  • Water Control: They guide rainwater from your gutters to the ground which helps prevent soil erosion, damage to siding and the foundations of your property.
  • Maintenance: Unlike enclosed downspouts, rain chains are easier to maintain as blockages are clearly visible and easy to clear.

Installation and Maintenance

Adding Rain Chains Description
Installation While installation of a rain chain is relatively straightforward, professional installation is recommended for optimal performance.
Maintenance Rain chains require minimal maintenance. Regular checks for debris and occasional cleaning are all that's needed to keep your rain chain functional.

Selecting Rain Chains for Heavy Rain

Looking for the best rain chain for heavy rain? We provide a range of rain chains designed specifically to handle heavy rain, ensuring your rainwater management system is efficient in all weather conditions.

Innovative Rain Chain Drainage Ideas

Why limit your rain chain's drainage to a ground drain or a rain barrel? Explore exciting rain chain drainage ideas like guiding the rainwater into a garden or a decorative pebble bed, which can also serve as a natural irrigation source.

Learn more about rain chains from this trusted source.

Contact Gutter Builders for Your Rain Chain Needs

Rain Chains are a great way to finish off your new gutter system.  If you need advice on the best rain chain for your home of office or need assistance with choosing the best chain downspouts for your gutters, contact Gutter Builders today! We are ready to help you enhance your home's rainwater management system, making it both functional and visually pleasing.

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