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Seamless Gutters vs Sectional Gutters

Seamless Gutters vs Sectional Gutters is a very common search term for people looking for information on rain gutters. Many people are unaware of the differences, and more importantly, the disadvantages that come with buying cheap gutters (sectional gutters). Seamless gutters cost more but they are worth the extra investment. Read on to find out why.

Sectional Gutters

Sectional gutters come in 10-foot vinyl or metal sections that have to be fitted together onsite, so right away, you'll see a seam every 10 feet or so. Those seams just aren't the prettiest thing to look at on a house. More importantly, they tend to leak over time as the seals and gaskets fail. And leaves and gunk pile up in the seams leading to clogs. No fun. You either then need to pay for gutter cleaningrepairs or both!

Other Drawbacks of Sectional Gutters

  • Debris Buildup Issues - Leaves, seeds, pollen and other debris can easily become trapped in the seams of sectional gutters. This causes clogs and water flow problems, which in turn can lead to gutter overflow, wood rot, and other issues. The seams also make it harder for water to flow smoothly.
  • Prone to Separation - The movement from repeated heating and cooling cycles, plus the sheer weight of water and debris, tends to cause the gutter sections to pull apart. The seams separate, again leading to leaks and flow problems. This gets worse each year.
  • Limitations on Shape/Style - Sectional gutters only come in a handful of standard sizes, shapes and styles. Trying to match the unique lines and roof design of custom homes using sectionals can be very challenging or impossible. You're limited to basic options.
  • Fewer Color Choices - With sectional gutters, you generally have just a few color options like white, brown or black. Seamless gutters offer many more finishes to match your exterior color scheme.
  • Difficult Repairs and Maintenance - Repairing or maintaining sectional gutters is tougher because you have to detach and reseal all the sections. The seams make repairs cumbersome. With seamless gutters, any spot can be easily reached and patched.
  • Can Depreciate Home Value - Sectional gutters are considered lower-end. Their visible seams and segmented look scream "basic." Quality seamless gutters actually increase resale value.

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Seamless Gutters 

Seamless gutters are the best solution and the only type of gutters we provide since the costs associated with sectional gutters, irrespective the material from which they are made, work out higher in the long run. We don't want customers complaining of problems - which are commonplace with sectional rain gutters. We therefore only install seamless gutters that we know when installed by one of our competent gutter contractors, will provide the value for money, durability and functionality our clients are looking for. We custom cut them onsite out of big coils of continuous metal, so the gutters run the full length of your roof with no seams. Besides looking cleaner, seamless gutters won't ever leak or separate. And without seams, debris can wash right through rather than getting caught.

The other perk of seamless is you can form them into any shape needed to match unique rooflines. Sectional gutters only come in basic sizes and styles that won’t fit every house.

The Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Unlike sectionals, seamless gutters are cut on site from coils of continuous metal to fit the exact length of your roofline. This creates a gutter with no visible seams. The advantages of seamless gutters include:

  • Superior Appearance - The smooth, continuous look of seamless gutters accentuates the clean lines of your home's architecture. Their integrated appearance is beautiful.
  • Custom Fit for Any Home - Seamless gutters can be formed on-site to fit any uniquely shaped roofline or custom home profile. Sectional gutter options are very limited.
  • No Leaks or Separation - With no seams whatsoever, seamless gutters won't ever separate or leak like sectionals. You eliminate the main failure points.
  • Debris Flows Freely - Leaves and debris wash smoothly through the interior without getting trapped along seams, helping prevent clogging.
  • Enhanced Durability - The lack of seams means seamless gutters maintain their structural integrity and weather-resistance for decades longer than sectionals.
  • Easier Maintenance - No seams means any section of a seamless gutter can be easily reached for quick cleaning, repairs or modifications when needed.
  • More Color Choices - Seamless gutter coil comes in numerous color options today, from neutral tones to bold copper hues. Match any color scheme.
  • Value Added - Quality seamless gutters boost the resale value and appeal of any home. Sectional gutters actually detract value.

Comparison Chart - Sectional Gutters Vs Seamless Rain Gutters

Here is a comparison table summarizing the key differences:
Comparison Sectional Gutters Seamless Gutters
Seams Visible seams every 10ft No seams
Debris Resistance Debris catches in seams Smooth interior prevents clogs
Design Options Limited standard sizes Fully customizable
Durability Seams separate over time No seams to separate
Appearance Segmented look Integrated, clean lines
Value Added Low High

The Choice is Clear – Go Seamless!

Seamless Gutters vs Sectional Gutters - hopefully it's no longer up for debate! For superior aesthetics, fit, performance and added value for your home, seamless gutter systems are the best choice for most homes. Their seam-free design prevents leaks, debris buildup, and other common gutter problems. Contact the experts at Gutter Builders to learn more about our seamless gutter installation services! We provide free estimates to help you choose the right gutter solution for your home and budget.

The bottom line is that seamless gutters are less prone to problems, last longer, look better, and add value to your home. So if you’re debating gutter types, we recommend going with seamless gutters over sectional gutters whenever possible. You’ll be glad you did!

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