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Galvanized Steel Gutters

Galvanized Steel Gutters from Gutter Builders are customized to fit your property. We make them on-site. When it's time to replace your home's gutters, their are choices when it comes to the material and the contractor you choose. For some homeowners, galvanized steel is the top option, ahead of copper and aluminum. There are pros and cons with each but galvanized steel gutters stand out as the best long-term investment for combining durability, strength, and longevity.

Benefits of Galvanized Steel Gutters

Galvanized steel gutters have been trusted for over a century, with good reason. The galvanization process creates an exceptionally weather-resistant zinc coating that bonds to the steel. This prevents rust and corrosion better than any other gutter metal. Galvanized steel gutters easily last 2-4 times longer than aluminum, often reaching or exceeding 50 years before needing replacement.

Cost Efficiency

The longevity of galvanized steel translates into homeowners needing to replace their gutters far less often. This makes galvanized steel the more cost-effective option long-term, more than offsetting the moderately higher initial purchase price compared to aluminum gutters. Galvanized steel delivers better value for money over decades of use on your home.


Galvanized steel is simply stronger than aluminum. Steel gutters are less likely to suffer dents, dings, bending and other damage from ladders, fallen tree branches or other impacts. Their structural integrity remains intact over the full lifespan of the gutters.

Temperature Resistant

Galvanized steel handles temperature extremes better than aluminum. It resists deforming or cracking, which can happen to aluminum gutters as daily temperatures rise and fall. This makes galvanized steel gutters ideal for both cold winter climates and hot summer regions.

Eco-Friendly: Recyclable materials

As a responsibly sourced material, galvanized steel gutters are 100% recyclable at the end of their service life. This keeps them out of landfills and allows the steel to be reused in new products.

Attractive Appearance

Modern galvanized steel gutters feature attractive decorative designs that complement various home styles from traditional to contemporary. Durable paint finishes are available in standard colors as well as custom hues to match your color scheme.

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Key Disadvantages of Galvanized Steel Gutters

While galvanized steel has proven advantages, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Heavier weight - Galvanized steel is heavier than aluminum which makes gutters slightly more difficult to install. But for an experienced gutter contractor this is only a minor concern.
  • Zinc leaching - The zinc coating can leach over time, especially in acidic (low pH) rainwater. This reduces the protective abilities of the coating. However, modern galvanized coatings are far more leach-resistant and still deliver decades of protection.
  • Rust potential - If the zinc coating gets scratched, damaged or compromised, the exposed steel can begin to rust. Proper installation and occasional maintenance helps prevent this.
  • Painting required - For long-lasting weather protection, galvanized steel gutters need repainting every decade or so, depending on climate conditions.

Comparing Galvanized Steel vs Aluminum Gutters     

Let's compare some of the key differences between galvanized steel and aluminum gutters:

FactorGalvanized Steel GuttersAluminum Gutters
DurabilityLasts 50+ yearsLasts 10-25 years
StrengthVery strong against dents and damageProne to dents and bending
WeightHeavier materialLighter weight
Rust ResistanceExcellent with galvanized coatingExcellent
PriceHigher initial costLower initial cost
Temperature ResistanceExcellentFair - can deform
NoiseCan make pinging noises when rainingQuiet
AppearanceDurable attractive finishesAvailable in variety of colors
MaintenanceOccasional repainting neededMinimal maintenance

Galvanized Steel Gutter Styles

Galvanized steel gutters are available in a variety of standard profiles and styles:

  • K-Style - The most popular and affordable U-shaped gutter profile. Provides excellent water catchment and drainage.
  • Half-Round - Traditionally styled half-circular gutters that complement historic homes.
  • Ogee - Stylish ogee-shaped gutters with a decorative lip. Available as vinyl-clad steel.
  • Box - Enclosed square gutters that attach discretely under roof edges.
  • Seamless - Custom fit gutters formed onsite from coiled steel, no seams.

Within these standard profiles, galvanized steel gutters can be finished with decorative designs, allowing you to match your home's unique architectural style.

Maintaining Galvanized Steel Gutters

With proper professional installation, galvanized steel gutters require minimal ongoing maintenance. With periodic inspection and cleaning, galvanized steel gutters will keep your home protected from water damage for 50 years or longer. Their exceptional durability is unmatched. Here are some tips for keeping them working their best:

  • Inspect gutters periodically and clear any accumulated debris like leaves. This prevents clogging and overflow issues.
  • Check for any pull-away gutter spikes or straps reattaching securely as needed.
  • Test water drainage by running a hose into gutters. Drainage issues can indicate clogs or slope problems.
  • Watch for leaks at seams, connectors and end caps. Reseal these areas as needed.
  • Monitor paint finishes. Recoat gutters every 8-12 years depending on climate and exposures.
  • Wash gutters with a hose occasionally to prevent dirt and debris buildup.

Benefits of Hiring Gutter Professionals

Galvanized steel gutters require expertise to get proper fit, slope, connections and positioning. Gutter Builders have the experience to get your new steel gutters fitted and working perfectly. Our professionals offer:

  • Skilled evaluations of your home's needs.
  • Precise measurements for custom-fit gutters.
  • Proper slope and positioning for optimal drainage.
  • Secure mounting and attachments.
  • Durable, lasting seals and connections.
  • Matching components like downspouts and drainpipes.
  • Attractive, integrated finished look.
  • Responsible cleanup and disposal.

Gutter Builders' crews meticulous professional installation ensures your gutters will protect your home and operate maintenance-free for decades. Updating your gutters is a project best left to the experts.

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